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The more your business grows, the more our business grows, and that is why we offer a few complementary services so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Because we aren't "Jack of All Trades", we teamed up with specialists in their respective fields that we trust to take care of some of these Value Added Services.

What we Offer

  • Credit Checks and Debt Collecting

    We are a registered member at Accountability, and uses their platform to perform the following tasks.

    Company and Individual Credit Checks
    Criminal Record Checks
    Company and Individual Verifications
    Debtor Administration (follow up on outstanding invoices) and Reporting
    Letters of Demand
    Credit Bureau Listings
  • Corporate Finance Activities

    For the following services, we'd recommend Antares Capital.

    Transaction Evaluation
    Structuring of Transactions and Business
    Financial Services for Valuation Purposes
    Transaction Management
  • Business Consultation

    We invite various business owners and knowledgeable individuals to meet with customer depending on their needs.

    Business Advice from a Financial Perspective
    Business Advice from a Marketing Perspective
    Business Advice from a Management Perspective
    Business Advice on Ethics in the Work Place
    Business Networking
  • Digital Marketing Solutions

    We source the following services out to one of our subsidiary companies, Perfectly Practical Technology.

    Website Development
    Digital/Animated Illustrations
    Social Media Campaigns
    SEO Services
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- Warren Buffett